ACA Arizona Retreat

The ACA Mingus Retreat has moved to Prescott, AZ

Get Ready for the Retreat

Bedding – Bring a pillow, sheets, blankets and or sleeping bags. (Bunks are equipped with a vinyl-wrapped 4″ foam mattress.)
Towels – For showering and/or to use in place of a yoga mat.
Toiletries – Bring shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, etc. The camp has liquid soap dispensers in all the showers.
Appropriate clothing – Temperatures typically range from 50 to 90 degrees. Prepare for the possibility of rain.
Good shoes – Hiking boots or any good shoes that will get you down a hiking trail.

Here is some more information on what you might want to bring with you.  

Emmanuel Pines Camp – 3000 Spence Springs Rd, Prescott, AZ

The fastest route to the camp from Phoenix is north on I-17 and then east through Prescott Valley.  If you have time, a drive through downtown Prescott is also a fun way to get there. 

For detailed directions click here

For campers arriving Friday afternoon, the first stop is the registration area.  Follow the signs. Check in, get your welcome packet and have some fun before the lodges open up at 3pm.  

As we get closer to September, more instructions will be provided here

Camp etiquette

Smoking of any kind is restricted to outside the main gate, or inside your vehicle, and we ask that you dispose of your trash appropriately (no butts on the ground). 

No pets, alcohol, drugs, guns, or fireworks are allowed on camp property.  

If you ride your motorcycle, keep the noise to a minimum by idling thru the camp.