Arrival instructions

Download a map of the camp

Scheduled Volunteers

If you are on the list of Retreat Volunteers, plan to be at the camp around 11:30am on Friday.  Please park next to the Emmanuel Center, which is the large building on the left past the office. Go directly to the registration area inside the Emmanuel Center. We need volunteers to hang banners, set up tables, layout the name badges, set up sound systems, distribute fruit and vegetable trays, work the registration table, greet guests, etc.

Weekend Pass Attendees:

If you are not arriving early to help set up, please do not arrive before 1:00 pm. Camp registration will begin at that time.  You are invited to walk around the camp and get to know the layout after you register. We share the camp with other groups. Please enjoy snacks and catching up with old and new friends until 3pm, when we are allowed in our lodges. Please remember: No one is allowed in any other building except The Emmanuel Center until directed by a Committee member.

Late Friday arrivals:

The camp opens at 1pm and activities begin shortly after.  Dinner is served at approximately 5:45pm.  If you arrive after 6:00 and before 6:30pm, go directly to the dining hall.  There is ample parking at the hall.   If you arrive after 6:30pm, it is likely that you will miss dinner. When you arrive, look for someone with a yellow colored badge to get your registration packet and lodge assignment.  You can then go set up your bed/tent or go to orientation in The Emmanuel Center. If you have questions look for anyone wearing a yellow name badge or vest.

Saturday day passes visitors:

Arrive any time after 8:00am Saturday morning.   Park your car in the parking area off the road around the soccer field or by Thumb Butte or Pine lodge. These lodges are located on the right inside the camp.   Follow the instructions you received via email from the committee.