Greetings Fellow Travelers!

The retreat committee is busily working on the schedule for this year’s retreat, and we wanted to let you in on how that’s going.

First, you probably noticed that we haven’t had a retreat since 2019.  Also, instead of gathering at Mingus as we have for the last 30+ years, we’ll be at a new retreat center in Prescott, AZ. It was a hard decision to move away from the camp, but the rules and changes imposed by camp management were not in alignment with the camaraderie and fellowship that we all know and love about our retreat. We are choosing to look forward with anticipation of what comes next.

This is new territory for the committee

We are bringing everyone back after the awkwardness of Covid and we are all experiencing a new location together. This is likely to be a different sort of retreat. Campers who have been with us awhile might remember the years when the retreat only consisted of campfires, meetings and talent shows, before the years when we brought in keynote speakers and workshops.

We decided to hold a retreat with a short 6-month planning window because we just couldn’t bear to wait another year to enjoy fellowship and healing with all of you. So this year will be a blend of the old style retreat along with adding some new workshops, meetings, hikes, yoga, game night, art, jam sessions, lots of outdoor playtime for your Inner Child, and a special guest, Scott Grace.  We think you’ll really like him.  🙂

We felt that after such a long break, it would be nice to get back to the basic thing that the retreat is for: seeing each other and helping each other on our healing journey.

We miss seeing everyone, and are truly looking forward to getting together up on the (different) mountain in September.  If you haven’t registered yet, there is still time.  Visit and sign up!