The retreat committee meets on Zoom pretty regularly, and we’re aware that not having a retreat again this fall leaves a gap for many people who look forward to the event every year. We feel it, too. 🙁

The question also comes up, “What if the restrictions are lifted between now and September?” Well… It takes a lot of time and effort to put on the Mingus Retreat. We usually have everything lined up by February so we can open registration in March. That gives people time to plan, buy plane tickets, get time off work. And then we spend the summer fine-tuning the schedule and getting everything ready for a great time up on the mountain. The idea of waiting until summer to start the process sounds, well, almost impossible.

That said, the committee has decided….

If restrictions are lifted, say, in June, we have another plan. Back in the day, the retreat was more like camp than a conference. We didn’t have workshops or speakers, we just got together to have fun, share our stories, and encourage each other. There were meetings, camp fires, talent shows, arts and crafts. We could do that again. It would be last-minute and some people would be excluded because of the short notice. We don’t like that part, but we are all still feeling the effects of 2020, and are holding out hope that we can still commune on the mountain with as many of you as possible. 

We’re grateful to everyone who has attended and supported this retreat over the years.  That’s all we have for now.  Stay tuned…